My version of a date-night

As of lately, Wednesdays have become my favourite day of the week. Why is my Wednesday so amazing? Because its date night with two of my besties.




Ever since I started my internship in Amsterdam I have been seeing a whole lot more of my best friends. Where I used to see them about once a month, if I was lucky, I now get to see them once a week. Oh I should mention, they are slight Rotterdam haters… (Just slight…) Either way, one of the things that all three of us have in common is that we love food. I am aware that loving food isn’t something few people do, but I love these girls more than the average person. They are my framily! (A word my mom invented which means family that you chose.)

So every Wednesday we have dinner at either one of their places and its always amazing! One of the two girls turned vegan not so long ago so cooking on Wednesdays is always creative cooking in my opinion. Substituting eggs for chia seeds in certain recipes for example. One of my favourite meals that we made so far was this delicious recipe from a blog called loveandLemons. It was a creamy pasta that was so good that by the end of the night I was eating the leftovers out of a pan… I will spare you the pictures, but whether your vegetarian vegan or neither one, you should seriously try this one out!



If you feel you don’t see your friends enough I strongly suggest you made a weekly date-night because there is nothing better than having something to look forward to on humpday especially if food is included! I know for a fact that I have absolutely amazing friends and knowing that Wednesday is coming up always lifts my spirits…


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