Wild Master Class at Restaurant Parkheuvel by Erik van Loo

           parkheuvel3 parkheuvel4   pea soup

My internship definitely comes with quite a few perks which makes me a very lucky girl. Last weekend however I got luckier than normal. We got the chance to give away two seats for a masterclass at Parkheuvel to two lucky people in the company. Since they couldn’t decide on who they should give it to, all the people that were free on that day wrote their name on a paper, and two were selected. I was one of the very lucky two.

Let me start by saying that Parkheuvel has 2 Michelin Stars, which is pretty amazing. The chef Erik van Loo is on shows such as Masterchef Holland. 

On Friday November 28th I woke up with a ridiculous smile on my face because not only was I going to meet an amazing chef, I was going to be cooking with him!

We arrived and were brought to a separate area where his cooking demonstrations and private dining take place. The first thing that we noticed was that there was a box with two animals in it which we would be eating, or so we thought.


While anxiously waiting for Chef Erik van Loo we started figuring out what was on the menu.

As an appetizer we made deer pastrami with a Waldorf salade and some walnuts.


Followed by Dutch pheasant with braised chicory, in a gravy of korenwijn (something I always associated with old(er) dutch people), and celery.


Then we had rabbit roasted in butter with a dumpling of made with rabbit and a marshmallow made of red cabbage as well as mashed potatoes with kale.


Finally as dessert we had Doyenne de Commis pears which were made into a compote with vanilla, caramel and raisins. With a creamy ice cream of honey and thyme, and a crunchy piece of puff pastry with edible goldleaf.



Chef Erik van Loo appeared and we started to cook. He taught us step by step how he makes his sauces, the marshmallows, how to cook the meat. We got the chance to ask anything we wanted to. Told to touch the meat to feel when it was medium rare. I LOVED it! This was by far one of the best experiences I ever had. Not to mention Erik van Loo believes that cooking is a celebration so there should always be some bubbles!!! I totally agree.

And of course some behind the scenes moments:



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