My first Spice Up Your Life Package

Recently I got very excited when checking my mail, as something special had arrived. Like most of you I absolutely LOVE getting packages! I got my first ever Spice Up Your Life package and they were delicious!

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 08.37.18

A classmate of mine is doing her internship at a media agency and she had contacted me about writing a review about a specific cookie. She said if I was ok with it she’d send them to me and I could see if I liked them and whether or not I wanted to post about them. Obviously I said YES PLEASE to receiving the cookies 😀

When I got them I was pleasantly surprised to see that they didn’t have sugar, instead agave syrup was used to make them sweeter. Also these cookies actually tasted great! They are like a little treat that you can take to school or work without having to feel guilty about them. The cookies come in packages of two which is perfect, cuz otherwise people like me just each the whole box in one shot.

I particularly liked the cookies though because of the taste. Nice and crunchy with coconut and cacao taste. The coconut and cacao isn’t super pungent though which is nice because it isn’t an artificial overkill on flavour. I saw that they sell them at Albert Heijn so these are definitely going into my shopping basket next time (as I need something sweet without the guilty after effects.) I’d say try them out, definitely worth the try.


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