Having a hopper experience

My first hopper experience, grasshopper that is.


Grasshoppers have been on my foodie bucket list for quite a while now. Recently however I got to cross that one off of my list. My experience was   great but did not make me feel particularly fulfilled. I had one tiny little grasshopper at a food event in Rotterdam called Rotterdam Proeft. Mr. Kelp had a food truck which was serving tiny little grasshoppers the size of your finger top (unless of course you have particularly long fingers). The grasshopper was fried which gave it a nice crunch. It was very light and airy with cumin seasoning. I loved it and would have totally bought a bag of them to eat as chips had they given me the chance (or a better price). Nonetheless it was a great experience and the fact that I got to cross my first item off my foodie bucket list was great as well. I can now say that I like grasshoppers and that I am most definitely looking forward to my next chance to eat one or multiple of course.

IMG_8049   IMG_8050

I heard recently that in Holland there would be specialty stores and maybe even some supermarkets that are going to sell insects to cook with. This is definitely something that I am looking forward to. When this happens I will make sure to write a fun post about my first time cooking with insects!

To those of you who like to try out new foods I strongly suggest you all go out of your comfort zone and try a grasshopper if given the opportunity! And if you do you should definitely share your experience with me, and all my lovely readers.


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