Adventures in Asia part I

Crispy Duck

Crispy Duck head



If you happen to follow me on my instagram account: #spiceupyourlifewithtiara then you know exactly how amazing the end of my year has been. I was given an amazing chance to travel to Asia for the very first time! Within two weeks I went to both Singapore and Bali and had the time of my life (together with my taste buds of coarse).Because I have quite a lot to cover for both places though, I decided to do two separate posts, one for each place. And because I went to Singapore first, I will be covering my yummy Singapore experiences first.

Though I only spent three days in Singapore I must say that I have eaten some of my favourite dishes, possibly ever, in Singapore. The food in Singapore is so incredibly flavorful! I went out to dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousins at this great place near the sea. It was a dinner to remember. Two things stood out most to me, the chili crab, which is why we went there in the first place, and the fried little sweet buns. The chili crab was absolutely amazing.


I don’t know how they do it but the amount of partying that your taste buds do on a night like this is unreal. The only possible downside is how absolutely sticky it is because the best way to eat it is with your hands. (My family and close friends know that I am NOT a fan of eating with my hands, but it was sooooooo worth it!) And then you get these little hot sweet buns that are just fantastic! You get to dip them in all the leftover chili sauce which just makes you feel like you might be overdoing it, but hey its definitely worth the calories! So that’s my little tale of the amazing dinner out in Singapore.


Dinner number two however was the next day and the feast continued! I felt like I was in foodie heaven. Not only did I get to enjoy one of my favorite dishes, crispy duck, but I got to eat some more chili crab! The trip to Singapore was already worth it just for these two dinners. Besides the crispy duck, and chili crab we had some delicious shrimps and little fried squids that were just to die for. I am definitely going back to Singapore for round two, and hopefully I get to enjoy more than just two nights.

Fried Baby Octopus


As you can tell by all the foodporn, Singapore definitely has an amazing cuisine. The cooking is enough to make the trip, I promise.

Check back next week for my Bali adventure as a foodie!


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