Adventures in Asia Part II


After enjoying Singapore for two (way to short) days I hopped on a plane and got out in BALI. Yes I am fully aware of how fortunate I am! Bali is an absolutely beautiful place to be. Everywhere you turn your attention to you are overcome with beauty. From the statues, to wood carving in beautiful doors, offerings to the Gods and everything in between. I absolutely loved it there. One of the best things about my experience was the locals. The Balinese people are by far the most generous, friendly people that I have met so far. I was staying at an absolutely amazing villa, the Anapuri villas,  which made the experience so much more unreal. Arriving at the Anapuri Villas was like dying and going straight to heaven. I was welcomed by the AMAZING staff, with a beautiful looking drink and a necklace made of delicious smelling flowers.

bali13 bali10

Ok I am drifting away from the point that I wanted to make which was obviously about the food because this is after all a food blog. I got two amazing foodie opportunities while I was staying at the villa. First of all I took a cooking class given by the amazing chef! I learned (sort of) how to carve fruit and vegetables. We also made an amazing Beef Rendang for which I got the recipe so I am absolutely thrilled.

My second and even more memorable foodie experience was that I became friends with chef Batuan Teja (a.k.a. chef Wayan). He took me to the traditional market in Bali to do some groceries with him. The market was great. The fruits and vegetables along with the spices we found there were so flavourful! We also got a bite to eat on the way back to the villa which was really great! I have to admit though that my tastebuds got used to a lot more spice than I would have been able to handle about a month ago…

bali4 bali1 bali2 bali5

All in all as you can definitely see, I had an amazing time, filled with amazing memories and food. And Asia is definitely somewhere I need to go again!

bali15 bali14 bali12 bali11


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