Seafood Curry! With nan-style flatbread

A couple of days ago I was in charge of cooking. My dad is in Holland on vacation and so obviously I needed to make something special. Two people that I love to cook for most are my parents, they are however also the most intimidating people to cook for (for me atleast)

I had squid and shrimps at home so I wanted to do something with that, but I’ve already made my seafood pasta for my dad once… so time to experiment! I did some research and found an… interesting recipe. It is a quick and easy seafood curry. I made my own little version of nan breads as well.

First I will give you a quick recipe for the nan style flatbread that I make. I use whole wheat flower, all purpose flower, salt and some milk. What I do is add 2 cups of each type of flower, quite a dash of salt, and a little less than a cup of milk. I recommend that you put in little by little and knead the bread till the consistency feels right, you don’t want it to be sticky. When you are done kneading, put a kitchen towel over the bowl, and let this sit for approx. 20 minutes.

IMG_9972IMG_9974Then for the curry. Dice-up about 1 ½ cup of onions, one eggplant (diced) and a diced red bell pepper. In a big pan heat up about 3 tablespoons of canola oil. Add the onions and eggplant to the pan until the eggplant is cooked. Then add the bell pepper.

When the vegetables are nice and cooked you will have to start adding the wet ingredients what will get you the nice curry flavour. What I did here is go with my feeling and taste as you go, the recipe I found had crazy amounts of everything and I did not trust it… You can add one can of coconut milk, a can of tomato puree, some soy sauce and a dash of white wine vinegar. Then you add about one tablespoon of coconut palm sugar (or half a tablespoon brown sugar), a tablespoon of fish sauce, and two tablespoons of Tika Massala.

While all this simmers (on very low heat) Cut up the squid if this has not yet been done. And start making the nan style flatbreads. What you do is cut it into smaller pieces. You can divide it into 8 pieces for bigger nan-style flatbreads. Or into 16 pieces for smaller nan-style flatbreads. You need to roll out the bread with a rolling pin. Then roll them into little cones (yes you need to do this 😛 ) and squish it after!(with the opening of the cone facing your cutting board) Then re-roll the dough and do this till you have finished all the dough.

* If you want to make rice for the curry as well this is the time to do so.
* At this point you can add your squid and shrimps to the curry. Keep on low heat.

IMG_9979IMG_9976Now pan fry them in a little bit of oil, until both sides have browned a little.
Serve the delicious meal, and attack.

Bon Ap!  


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