Moules a la Monsieur Nataf


A little over a week ago my dad arrived in Holland for a short visit. Spending time with my dad, as it always is, was great. We ate lots of good food at home, went out for dinner and my dad even cooked once!!! What did he make? Some super epic mussels! So that is what I have decided to share with you all today. You all know how much I love to cook with my dad, and just him cooking in general, so I thought I should share this delicious and super simple recipe.

– 2 Red onions
– Some olive oil
– Butter
– Some fresh thyme
– 1 Bay leaf
– 250 ml Cooking cream
– 1 Egg Yolk
– Pepper
– Flour
– White wine


mussels8The first thing you do is chop up about 2 red onions. Chop them up as finely as you can! Then, in the pan where you will cook the mussels, add some olive oil, butter, red onions, bay leaf, fresh thyme and wine. While these cook, in a bowl mix about 250 ml cooking cream, an egg yolk, and some freshly cracked pepper.


Then put the mussels in the pan with the onions, add the cream mixture to the mussels and mix well. Now its time to add a dash of flour stir the mussels well.


And tada! Time for dinner.

Bon Ap!

* We made the mussels with a simple green salad and some bread on the side.


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