The Silver Spoon

Last weekend I found the book of my life. I went to the boeken festijn in Ahoy again this year and was very pleasantly surprised. I was mostly in the cooking book section, which honestly didn’t shock me very much… The book that I am most fascinated with is “The Silver Spoon”. It is a HUGE (and when I say huge I mean approximately 3 kilos…)

The Silver Spoon is the Italian cookbook to have. The first edition of the book was actually published in 1950, and since then they have made several additions.

I have often been asked what my favourite type of cuisine is, and I find it a very difficult question to answer but one of my favourite cuisines to actually cook is most definitely Italian. I feel as if the Italian kitchen uses a minimal amount of ingredients to make a fantastic dish. All you need is a couple of high quality ingredients and you can make a quick and simple yet delicious pasta. Given that I look to cook it might be surprising that I don’t (didn’t) own any Italian cookbooks. For having just one Italian cookbook this is definitely the one to have. I can’t wait to get started with a few recipes that I will most definitely share with you all so stay tuned!!!

Happy Italian Cooking!



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