Homemade healthy delicious cruesli

Approximately one month ago I started eating cruesli again in the mornings. I would always have trouble finding one that I like because I don’t like raisins in my cruesli. The one I did end up getting though is quite nice, but also expensive. And with two people eating cruesli, especially one with a big appetite, after two breakfasts the cruesli is already finishe. So buying a new box every couple of days is not exactly worth it. We decided recently to start making our own.


We went to the market and bought some delicious nuts, we got our honey, and our oatmeal and made our own cruesli. I have to say it was absolutely delicious! Adding some tasty nuts to a cruesli makes all the difference. My favorite nut to add to the cruesli is a tiny bit of pistachios; it’s a nut that adds so much flavor. I have to say; I wish that supermarkets would sell some yummy cruesli like this one, filled with nuts and seeds.


Having some yoghurt with fresh fruits and cruesli is the best breakfast. It is healthy and delicious. I actually get excited at night when I am in bed thinking about how I get to eat my homemade cruesli in the mornings. What do you eat for breakfast?


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