La Bandera Rotterdam


Awi Lamoenchi!!!!!!

Hello dear reader… If you have been reading my blog for more than… well a couple of posts, you might know that I was born and raised in Curacao. But that I have been living in Holland for the past 5 years, yes its been that long. Point is, I miss Curacao style food, and while today I didn’t actually go to an Antillean restaurant, I had lunch at a Dominican Restaurant in Rotterdam. Because Curacao is influenced by many cultures including the Dominican Republic a lot of things that I would consider to be typical Antillean foods are actually Dominican dishes.

Today I got to enjoy two of my favourite “Curacao” dishes at a super cosy restaurant in Rotterdam on the Nieuwe Binnenweg, La Bandera. They had bananas fritas (banana hasa), which is fried ripe plantain, one of my number one favourite things to eat. Also I had moro con chivo (kabritu stoba) which is the Dominican style goat stew. My boyfriend and brother joined for lunch as well, my brother had the Bacalao con camarones en salsa de coco, cod fish with shrimps and a coconut sauce. My boyfriend had the Pica Pollo, which is basically a huge amount of delish fried chicken, best fried chicken EVER with yuca fries and tostones. As dessert some authentic quesillo… Yum!

We all ended up tasting each others’ dishes and I had to say, this is a place I need to most definitely return to! Every single dish was amazing, all tasting fresh and made with care. Even the decor is all homey and comfortable. To those of you who miss home, or are interested in tasting some GOOD Caribbean food, I very strongly recommend you check this place out! In the meantime enjoy these pictures of the yummies I had today!


Pica Pollo


Moro con Chivo


Bananas Fritas


Bacalao con camarones en salsa de coco




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