Typical Greek Lemon Chicken

chicken4A few days ago I got the privilege of being cooked for. My boyfriend made me some delicious Greek chicken! I must say I really enjoyed this dish a lot. It is super simple and still so tasty! We used an amazing Greek olive oil, which makes all the difference in the world… It was a whole chicken with potatoes.

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Guest Post #6 Tamara Dekker, Roti Chicken

Today’s guest post was written by a friend of mine, Tamara Dekker. She made an amazing Roti Chicken and is sharing the recipe with us now… Enjoy!
I recently quit smoking and decided to put my energy into something positive. I became very interested in healthy foods and cooking. My mom loves to cook foreign foods. On weekdays we almost always eat some kind of foreign food (Read Italian food, Polish food, and of course Surinamese food). I started cooking about a year ago and mostly the dishes were very simple, for example potatoes and vegetables. However I really love Surinamese food and since my mom cooks it from scratch, I decided to take a chance and make it on my own.