Happy Easter!!


Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! I know I definitely did. My dad and his girlfriend came over for a couple of days before continuing their journey on.
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Sea Bass with a tasty coconut curry!

A few days ago I had bought some Sea Bass at the market with no clue as to what I would be making with it. Searching the internet for some inspiration I found this super easy and great looking recipe for sea bass curry. First problem was that I usually buy my fish whole, because I mostly just put it in the oven, with some spices, lemon, tomatoes, onions and white wine, this ALWAYS turns out well. That night however I was in the mood to experiment a bit. The problem though was that I had whole fish, but needed fillets. I am aware that I have a food blog and so this shouldn’t be a problem. But in the 2 years that I have been blogging I never learned to properly fillet a fish. Now I did my best and it came out pretty well, I decided that I am going to have to ask the chef at work to teach me to fillet some fish.

All of that is besides the point though, just make sure you either know how to fillet fish, or make your life simple and get fish fillets. The rest of this dish is super straight forward and easy to make so enjoy!

– 1 Tablespoon vegetable oil
– 3 Medium onions, thinly sliced
– 4 Garlic cloves, minced
– 4 Teaspoons curry powder
– One can unsweetened coconut milk
– 1 Cup chicken stock
– 2 Medium carrots, peeled and cut into matchsticks-size pieces
– 1/2 Yellow pepper (paprika)
– 1/2 Green pepper (paprika)
– 4 Sea bass fillets

– Heat the oil in a pan. And then add the onions to the pan and sauté these.
dorade13– Now add the coconut milk and the stock and bring these to a boil. Reduce the eat and let sit for a bit.
dorade10– Make rice, the way that you normally would.
– Preheat the broiler. Season the fish on both sides with some salt and pepper. Drizzle some olive oil on top of these and when the broiler is hot put the fish in. Broil for about 8 minutes.
– When the liquid mixture has thickened a bit add the carrots and peppers and stir.
dorade7– After you take the fish out of the broiler. Place the rice, the fish and the sauce.
– Eat!
Bon Ap!

Brick A L’oeuf from home…


You all know that I love my fathers cooking… When growing up though there was one specific dish that I really enjoyed! (obviouslyyy more than just one, but this was something we ate very rarely) Brick A L’oeuf brings back tons of memories, somehow my aunt is in all of these memories. Particularly one memory where my aunt had laid out all the brick sheets, and our housekeeper seemed to think it was wax paper and threw them all into the trash can… Yea my aunt was not very pleased… Either way that is besides the point. Today I want to share with you all a very simple dish that is super yummy! The combo might seem strange to you, but trust me, it’s delish!

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