Happy Easter!!


Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! I know I definitely did. My dad and his girlfriend came over for a couple of days before continuing their journey on.
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Simple Delicious Lasagna from The Silver Spoon

You might have seen a picture of my lasagna if you follow me on instagram. If you don’t follow me yet don’t forget to do so now to see pictures of what I am up to: spiceupyourlifewithtiara

You probably noticed that I am a pretty big fan of my new cookbook! My boyfriend is a huge lasagna fan and I kept telling him that i’d make him a lasagna, so yesterday I finally did! This recipe is AMAZING, and I don’t say that easily… Here it is, enjoy it! (also bare in mind you need about one to one and a half hours to make this)

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Bottarga a.k.a. poor man’s caviar

Growing up with my parents meant lots of adventures in the kitchen. From eating sea urchin fresh out of the sea to eating shark and bottarga. You might be wondering what bottarga is. Bottarga is often called the poor man’s caviar. It is made with the eggs from tuna, grey mullet or swordfish. To make this they massage the egg pouch till all the air pockets disappear. Then it is dried and preserved in sea salt which leads it to harden into a log shaped object.


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